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Pikuseru was formed in 2006 as the brand and alter ego of Peter Richards, motion, web & graphic designer.

Since then Pikuseru has steadily grown its business, with reinvestment a key priority. A significant amount of the profits has been spent expanding capabilities, and as a small independent studio Pikuseru now offers web design, photography, graphic design, branding, Photoshop/photomontage, advertisements & is currently expanding in to motion graphics. We only use fully licenced, registered software.

The name Pikuseru, comes from the Japanese version of the English word pixel. This name was chosen because of a long term affection for Japanese art & design, and the importance of the pixel as the building block for all visual digital content.

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Although I started trading in 2006 as Pikuseru, it all started for me when my dad brought home a 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer (some time in the early 1980s). It was an absolute revelation, and as a child I can remember being fascinated by it. Yes it took 20 minutes to load up a simple program from cassette and it only displayed 8 colours at a 256x192 pixel resolution, but wow!.. this started a long-term love affair with computers.

Couple this love of computers to a life long passion for art & design (when I was 12 years old my rather balloon shaped paper-mâché bird of prey was a winning entry in the Cadbury's National Exhibition of Children's Art) and it was inevitable that these two disciplines would come together when the technology allowed.

This happened around 10 years later whilst I was at university; when I first started playing around with Photoshop on my 233Mhz Pentium PC. This lead me to look at how websites were put together, how digital video was edited, how 3D computer generated imagery was created and all the other great things that happens when digital and creativity come together. The rest, as they say, is history.

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