3D Automotive Modeling: An Insider's Guide to 3D Car Modeling and Design for Games and Film


First of all this book is not aimed at beginners. You will need to have a good basic knowledge of modelling already to get the most from this book as it deals with workflows and pipelines rather than the more prescriptive approach that you find in tutorials aimed at absolute beginners. Recommended reading for beginners who uses Max would be; 3ds Max Modeling for Games: Insider's Guide to Game Character, Vehicle, and Environment Modeling

The book features Max, Maya XSI & Photoshop during the tutorials, but because of this more general approach to taking the reader along on the workflow of the authors, I found that I could easily follow along even though I was using a different 3D package (Cinema 4D).

This mention of authors brings me to one of the best things about this publication. Andrew Gahan has bought together 8 experts from the field of automotive modelling to put the book together. This means you really get to see how different professionals in this field tackle similar problems and as a reader this is great, as everyone tends to do things slightly differently.

For each project you are taken from design concept stage through to finished 3D model, which for me was an unexpected bonus as I was just expecting the book to focus on modelling. Having the designers take you through the thought processes was both illuminating and inspiring.

In addition to this there is a section that deals with introducing CAD to the workflow and also a fascinating chapter on modelling a truck in a photogrammetric pipeline.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who works, or is interested in working, within a vehicle modelling team. Car designers will get just as much from this book as modellers as it will help them understand how to pass on the designs to the modellers to get the best results.

Gahan has put together a fantastic book that was sorely needed, and I believe in the future will be regarded as the definitive reference on the subject for anyone who wants to break into this industry.

5/5 - Pete Richards

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